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Nediasala St. Mary's Church is one of the ancient churches in the Eparchy of Kothamangalam which belongs to the Syro-Malabar Major Archiepiscopal Church. Nediasala is ideally located amidst idyllic surroundings about 6 KMs west of Thodupuzha. From ancient time onwards the track that connected Thamizhakam with this part of Kerala passed through Nediasala which was richly cultivated even before the advent of Christianity here. The ancient icon of St. Mary of Nediasala exudes and has ever since become a soured of devotion and inspiration for millions near and far. At a time when the onslaughts of wild elephants became rampant and intolerable, the zealous sexton made a fabulous torch out of dry teak flints which has thrown on the attacking beast that made a frantic dip into the pond nearby to put out the fire. The revengeful elephant consequently caught hold the sexton and killed him in cold blood. Then the irate beast razzed the church building to the ground and the bell was thrown into the pond aside. Subsequently the scattered church accessories were collected and kept at ‘Kurisumkal’ from where they were transferred to Marika. The magnificent icon of St. Mary was ceremoniously reinstalled when the Nediasalites reconstructed their church building in 1922. St. Mary showers her abundant blessings on wall who calls for her beatitudes. The devotees of ‘Nediala Amma’ –the patron saint is usually known as –are cock-sure of the one thing that our Amma will never refuse a boon if we implore her ardently.

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